Medicare IRMAA Calculator™

Did you know?

  • Future healthcare costs will be driven by your client’s income—not health?
  • By 2025, 25% of all Medicare recipients will find themselves paying 40-360% more annually in healthcare costs effectively ruining their financial/retirement planning?
  • That as a producer you could be held liable in the future for failure to plan
  • That a traditional IRA or 401k can be the biggest driver of future higher healthcare costs
  • That a well-positioned life insurance contract can be a positive solution
  • That an annuity with income guarantee “step ups” can be of great value when income planning

Cee Way Marketing is the National distributor for the Medicare IRMAA Calculator™. This software helps advisors identify and plan for future healthcare cost issues years in advance. Learn more about this and other products below.

Medicare IRMAA Calculator™

Cee Way Marketing has uncovered a tool that if executed properly will provide you, the Advisor, an untapped and nearly endless supply of future meetings. Let us introduce you to “Healthcare Planning.”



Cee Way Marketing is the National distributor for the Medicare IRMAA Calculator™ Healthcare Planning Software by IRMAA Solutions. This software can identify future healthcare cost issues years in advance saving you and your prospects/clients a lot of grief. It allows you to accurately forecast future costs, develop “what if” scenarios and solutions.

Included in the software package are:

  • Marketing materials
  • Seminar presentation
  • Coming soon: pre-bundled radio and television ads and shows

These items are continuously updated to reflect the “best practices” of Cee Way’s producers. The best way to see the power of Medicare IRMAA Calculator™ is to schedule a 20 minute demo, CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A DEMO, and/or a marketing/prospecting discussion with Cee Way President and 39 year advisor marketing veteran, Craig Cheney @ 208.231.7080 or [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Medicare is generally paid for out of one’s Social Security check including IRMAA surcharges. This doesn’t include Medicare supplements or gap insurance which is paid separately.

In order to deal with healthcare costs in the future while Financial Advisors like to talk about compound growth and compound interest what is often forgotten are compound costs, i.e. Medicare has inflated at approximately 7.89% per year since inception in 1965.

IRMAA is an acronym for Medicare’s Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount. Simply put, IRMAA makes Medicare “means tested” which means if the consumer makes too much income or the wrong type of income they will be assessed a surcharge. These surcharges can be significant from a 40% to a 260% increase in premiums.

Maybe, with proper planning prior to retirement the IRMAA surcharges may be eliminated altogether or at least greatly reduced.
In America today 50% of Americans will rely on Social Security for up to 70% of their retirement income. If proper planning is not done immediately consumers could easily lose all or most of their Social Security income to healthcare costs and pay taxes on the income they did NOT receive.
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